The new Pingo Eco –

step by step for more sustainability

The disposable diaper is one of the most indispensable inventions of recent decades. For thousands of years, swaddling your baby to keep clean and dry never caused any headaches about sustainability – but today, the same action depends on huge resource use with global implications. We haven’t found any disposable diaper that does not use oil and wood-pulp as its most important components, even if the label says Eco, Natural, Bio or other buzz-words. The development team at HYGA, the manufacturers of Pingo, constantly examine materials and processes using the very highest standards to enable us to reduce, replace or substitute resource use. The result of all this work and research is the Pingo. And that’s just the beginning.


Low-impact product design using fewer materials, without compromising performance or comfort

Bag material >85%
from renewable


Standard 100

The diapers are produced with green electricity, certified by NaturemadeStar

The remaining CO2 emissions from the manufacturing process are offset through certified projects by myclimate *

The core diaper layer is made from FSC-certified cellulose, helping more sustainable forestry

* Since 2010 the CO2 footprint of the Pingo diaper has been reduced by over 25%.